Pushing technology to its limits...

...with the most efficient antennas ever.

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A new era in mobile networking.

CellMax antennas are unique in its performance and set a whole new standard in network design. The unique technology doubles the energy efficiency compared to a conventional antenna.

Improved Coverage

Improved Spectrum Efficiency

Improved Customer Experience


Antenna performance can make
or break a cellular system.

CellMax allows operators to achieve:

Higher gross margins

Lower production cost per MB

Increased revenue

Dramatic increase in net traffic

30% fewer sites

Same coverage

Energy efficiency

as well as interference reduction

40% more geographical coverage

20% range increase from site

Improved indoor penetration

and double data speed in 3G/LTE/EDGE/GPRS

Focused on efficiency.

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About us

CellMax is a Swedish company and since 2014 part of the Rosenberger group. The company develops and markets high performance base station antennas for mobile networks (2G/3G/4G/LTE). Using a unique technology, CellMax’s products brings a dramatic positive impact to the overall data performance of the mobile network.

CellMax’s revolutionary antenna technology virtually eliminates power losses within the antenna, resulting in significantly higher radiated RF power in the cell. Increased signal strength and reduced interference significantly improves data throughput and data capacity, allowing the operator to become truly spectrum efficient. The overall benefit for the network operator is a dramatically lower production cost per MB delivered.

CellMax’s customers include several of the world’s largest mobile operators and manufacturers of telecom equipment, such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, T-Mobile, Telia Sonera, Globe Telecom, Hutchison, Aircel, Telecom Italia, Telecom Austria and AT&T.

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